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Is DBS safe during pregnancy?

Researchers open the conversation by completing a comprehensive review on the safety of deep brain stimulation during pregnancy and recommending the need for further research.

Giving thanks to our mentors

Dr. Catherine Flores among faculty members highlighted for inspiring and guiding College of Medicine students.

MBI members earn UF Innovate awards

Two MBI members recently earned Innovations of the Year awards at UF Innovate Tech Licensing’s annual Standing InnOvation event recognizing the university’s top innovations. Steven Munger, Ph.D., was awarded for “Adaptive Olfactory Measure of Threshold (ArOMa-T)” a self-administered test to identify dysfunction in the sense of smell. Munger is…

Neurosurgery team treats 5,000th patient with UF-invented radiosurgery

In the mid-1980s, UF neurosurgeon William A. Friedman, M.D., and medical physicist Frank J. Bova, Ph.D., began looking into a lesser-known treatment technique called radiosurgery. After studying then-available technologies, Bova and Friedman came to believe that the existing systems were not only cost prohibitive but also…