Seminar Series

The goal of the Wells Brain Tumor Center Seminar Series is to bring together the interdisciplinary UF research communities to discuss and address contemporary issues in neuro-oncology and immunotherapy. The platform is designed to provide faculty and students the opportunity to hear from leading researchers and to foster discussion and collaboration.

Format: Every month, seminar attendees will hear on a weekly rotation: i) Laboratory presentation, ii) Journal club discussion, iii) External guest speaker lecture, and iv) Book club discussion.

When: Fridays; 12:00-1:00pm EST

Where: Zoom (link provided by email)

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Bergeron at 352-294-8538 or

Spring 2022 Schedule

Dates Hosting Lab Speaker/author forum talk title
4/8/2022 Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos, PhD Angelie Rivera Rodriguez, PhD, University of Florida Lab presentation Therapeutic Efficacy of Adoptively Transferred T Cells Labeled with Optimized Magnetic Particle Imaging Tracer
4/15/2022 Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos, PhD Hayden Good, PhD candidate, University of Florida Journal Club Tomographic magnetic particle imaging of cancer targeted nanoparticles
4/22/2022 Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos, PhD Amy Lam, PhD, ClearLight Biotechnologies Guest speaker Tissue Clearing, 3D IHC, and Imaging with ClearLight Biotechnologies
4/29/2022 Carlos Rinaldi-Ramos, PhD Israt Alam, PhD, Stanford University Guest speaker Imaging T cell activation markers using immunoPET
5/6/2022 Gregory Sawyer, PhD Gregory Sawyer, PhD, University of Florida Lab presentation iVITA: in Vitro ImmunoTherapy Assays
5/13/2022 Gregory Sawyer, PhD Michalina Janiszewska, PhD, University of Florida Guest speaker Mapping tumor heterogeneity in glioblastoma
5/20/2022 Gregory Sawyer, PhD Duy Nguyen, PhD Journal Club Engineering T cells to enhance 3D migration through structurally and mechanically complex tumor microenvironments

Summer 2022 Schedule

6/3/2022 Jeffrey Harrison, PhD Gregory Takacs, PhD student, University of Florida Journal club ––
6/10/2022 Jeffrey Harrison, PhD Shirzad Chamine Book club Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours
6/17/2022 Jeffrey Harrison, PhD Mark Rosenblum, MD, Henry Ford Health System Guest speaker Neurosurgery’s Impact in Neuro-oncology — Lessons Learned Over 50 Years
6/24/2022 Jeffrey Harrison, PhD Jeffrey Harrison, PhD, University of Florida Lab presentation
7/8/2022 Matthew Sarkisian, PhD Duane Mitchell, MD, PhD Special presentation ––
7/15/2022 Matthew Sarkisian, PhD Rajappa Kenchappa, PhD, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Guest speaker
7/22/2022 Matthew Sarkisian, PhD Matthew Sarkisian, PhD, University of Florida Lab presentation ––
7/29/2022 Matthew Sarkisian, PhD Joshua Breunig, PhD, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Guest speaker
8/5/2022 Elias Sayour, MD, PhD Nicole Golden, PhD, Nanostring Guest speaker ––
8/12/2022 Elias Sayour, MD, PhD TBA –– ––
8/19/2022 Elias Sayour, MD, PhD TBA –– ––
8/26/2022 Elias Sayour, MD, PhD TBA –– ––

Fall 2022 Schedule

9/2/2022 David Tran, MD, PhD TBA –– ––
9/9/2022 David Tran, MD, PhD Rosendra Kaplan, MD, NCI Guest speaker ––
9/16/2022 David Tran, MD, PhD TBA –– ––
9/23/2022 David Tran, MD, PhD TBA –– ––
9/30/2022 David Tran, MD, PhD TBA –– ––
10/7/2022 Frank Bova, PhD TBA –– ––
10/14/2022 Frank Bova, PhD Sneha Ramakrishna, MD (Stanford University) Guest speaker ––
10/21/2022 Frank Bova, PhD TBA –– ––
10/28/2022 Frank Bova, PhD TBA –– ––
11/4/2022 Paul Castillo, MD Dereck Wainwright, PhD, Northwestern University Guest speaker ––
11/11/2022 Paul Castillo, MD Paul Castillo, MD, University of Florida Lab presentation ––
12/2/2022 Bently Doonan, MD TBA –– ––
12/9/2022 Bently Doonan, MD TBA –– ––
12/16/2022 Bently Doonan, MD TBA –– ––
12/23/2022 Bently Doonan, MD TBA –– ––